Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability recognised as strong driver for innovation

Sustainable Innovation is a powerful enabler to grow profits and de-risk your business:


New Conditions

Additional boundary conditions stimulate thinking about new approaches to solving known problems


New Perspective

Helps companies approach situations differently, enabling them to see situations from a different point of view


New Focus

Can help companies to focus on new areas for product development with previously untapped market potential

Use extended tools & methods developing future services:


Sustainable Business Model Innovation

Supporting product teams to extend their prespective with a Sustainable Buisness Model framework:

  • Evaluate existing products & services and encouraging to figure out future business opportunties and new market potential fields

  • Support for including technogical and social trends from the circular economy, the Internet of Things or the Collaborative & Sharing Economy at an early stage of a development process

Future Foresight with Speculative Design

Offering a new innovation thinking with new design techniques:

  • Combine future thinking with methods from the speculative and critical design


  • Create future scenarios and narrative that drives strategic discussion and decision-making

Sustainable Design Thinking

Combining Design Thinking with a sustainability mindset:

  • For pepole who have a deep interest in sustainability topics and a drive to create a new venture

  • Using Design Thinking to create sustainable solutions in practical-oriented and collaborative sessions

Ethical Design & Product Review

Value-Sensitive Design Review:

  • Identify possible risks like dark patterns, negative effects of persuasive interfaces, AI decisions, potential violations of privacy expectations and regulatory compliance


  • Create sustainable vision and mission to prevent future risks in the product development. Stable future decision making processes based on moral thinking and sustainable impact

Sustainability can’t be like some sort of a moral sacrifice or political dilemma or a philanthropical cause. It has to be a design challenge.

– Bjarke Ingels, Architect –

Wiebke Kudernatsch

UX & Impact-Oriented Design Experience