Product & Service Design Management.

As an agile design coach and strategic product designer, I advise B2B and B2C companies and teams processually and methodically in idea & design development. 

As an agile design coach and strategic product designer, I advise companies processually and methodically in idea and design development:

Vision Building - Setting up a product vision based on user and business insights

Product Discovery - Development of an experience design strategy using Lean UX and user research methods

UX Training - Implementation of UX & Design Thinking training to increase innovation

Method trainings - Strengthening the product strategy; Development of an internal UX method toolbox 

Product Discovery - Strengthening product development in the area of user-centred development processes and methods

UX & Design Management - Establishing processes and methods. Strengthening research measures

Design Sprints - Strengthening product development in user-centered development processes and in setting up discovery processes

Design Thinking - Implementation of Design Thinking training; Support in persona development for the product

Ideation - Implementation of a product ideation, support in the use of Lean UX and experience mapping methods

Design Thinking - Coaching of product teams in the area of ​​systemic innovation with Design Thinking and UX methods

Method Training - Implementation of design sprint and product discovery training

Lean User Research - Supporting the quality of ideas with lean user research and user testing methods


Value Proposition Design - Support in setting up an experience design strategy

Design Thinking - Strengthening business outcomes with persona development and idea development

Design team coaching - Strengthening the UX setup with the help of team coaching for product, design and user research

Method training - Discovery planning and method training for product teams in the B2B area

Vision Building - Conducting a vision workshop; support in setting up an experience design strategy

Product discovery - Development of new products and services for the insurance sector

Product Ideation - Vision prototyping, setting up an experience design strategy 

Design Sprints - Execution of design sprints and discovery studies for a user-oriented product strategy

Vision Building - Vision prototyping and design principles development based on a UX product vision

Methods Training - Coaching of design teams in user-centered design and collaborative teamwork


Product Discoveries - Participation and implementation of product discoveries for user-centered product design development

My expertise includes more than 15 years of experience in idea and design development - as a mentor, manager, driver and consultant:

„User-centered design means working with your users all throughout the project.“

– Don Norman, Scientist –

Wiebke Kudernatsch

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Product & Service Design


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