Responsible Tech

Adopting a responsible technology approach – 

Technology can and should have positive impact on society

Responsible technology is important for a fair digital experience and a positive future where tech is useful, safe and trustworthy:


Protect User Safety

Uphold human rights; Protect privacy, security & integrity


Support Jobs & Skills

Build digital skills in society; drive digital upskilling & reskilling; 


Promote Health & Wellbeing

Use technology for mental & physical wellbeing

Create responsible technology with a value-sensitive design approach:

Ethcial risk zones of an operating system (source:


Ethical Value Workshop for Responsible Tech

This workshop is ideal for designers, engineers, and product managers in technology teams:

  • Learn the fundamental principles of modern ethics, and put them into practice in lively debates and exercises about future technologies

  • Evaluate practical ways to anticipate ethical risks that accompany new technologies

  • Get to know tools, games and approaches for teasing out unintended consequences and identifying externalities that may fall on hidden stakeholders


  • Lean how to set incentives and targets that protect users, while also achieving meaningful business objectives

„Technology needs to become more responsible — in terms of how it’s developed, how it works for users, and how it affects society. „

– Laura James, Engineer –

Wiebke Kudernatsch

UX & Impact-Oriented Design Experience